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Seminar Overview

Family-Centered Services: Sending Families Forward Engaged, Equipped, and Empowered

This seminar meets the requirements for Early Intervention content area E03 (Family-centered services and supports) and is approved coursework for Ohio Developmental Specialist certification. Topics covered in this Seminar include:

  1. Cultural considerations
  2. Effects of parents, siblings, extended family, environment, and caregivers on a child with special needs and the child’s impact on the family
  3. Family/professional relationships
  4. Using adult learning principles to strengthen parent competence and confidence by recognizing and building upon existing strengths and capacities
  5. Family empowerment/decision-making
  6. Explaining parent rights
  7. Helping families use natural learning opportunities to enhance development
  8. Family/professional partnerships that are respectful of cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic diversity
  9. Identifying and accessing informal and formal family support systems to help achieve outcomes
  10. Family-Directed Assessment process
  11. Caregiver-child interactions (parent responsiveness)
  12. Societal attitudes toward disabilities and their impact on the family

Seminar Developers: Laura L. Maddox, Ph.D., BCBA, COBA and Jen Bavry, B.S.

Estimated Time to Complete: 30 hours

Cost: $50

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  • Getting Started
  • Seminar Pre-Assessment
  • Unit 1: Introduction: Family-Centered Practices
  • Unit 2: Strong Foundation: Understanding and Supporting Families
  • Unit 3: Responsiveness: Family Awareness, Interaction, and Caregiving
  • Unit 4: Relationships: Building Strong, Respected, and Trusted Connections
  • Unit 5: Partnerships: Strengthening Family Participation, Decision-Making, and Capacity
  • Unit 6: Impact: Building Family Confidence to Advocate and Lead
  • Seminar Post-Assessment